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Just like your children are different, your dogs are different. Some are perfectly happy to lay in the sunshine and to get a pat on the head from time to time. Other dogs are so hyper that they wake up ready to go.

They have two speeds; fast and faster. Before we get into the ways essential oils can help your dog you must understand this. Essential oils are natural oils that are taken from the plants of nature. But essential oils are strong medications. That doesn’t mean all oils are safe for you, your child, or your dog. However, used correctly they are perfect remedies. Just make sure you know you have the right information.

Animals smell a lot better than humans, The can actually smell 200 times better than you.

What Is This?

Have you ever went to a movie and asked the cashier, “Is it real butter?” They will look at you strangely and say something to the effect that is butter flavor and it is yellow. The same is true of essential oils.

You find lavender-scented everything. It is in shampoo, lotion, candles, and skincare products. But it is doubtful you would find any of these products contain real lavender. 

How do you use it?

Essential oils work in a few ways. You can rub it on your skin ingest it or use a diffuser. Remember, it is strong. Lavender is best used in a diffuser. But other oils like Tree Tea oil can be rubbed on the skin. Avoid the eye and rectal areas. Tea tree oil will keep ticks and fleas off your pet. But it must be diluted with water

Essential Oils That Help Your Dog

  • Yellow – this is great for minor cuts. If the dog’s nails get clipped too short it stops the bleeding. I will prevent infections if your god gets hurt. This oil is blue. The deeper the blue the more anti-inflammatory the oils.
  • Lemmon – this essential oil causes clarity of mind. It makes the dog easier to focus and train, while he keeps calmer.

There are essential oils for ear infections, joints, and just about anything else your pet needs. Ask the experts linked above for the oils that make their lives and your lives easier.

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