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How to Handle Dog Walking in Bad Weather


When the weather is right, dog walking is probably the best part of your day, right? But what about when it's too hot, too cold, raining or snowing? If you're anything like a lot of pet owners, you probably prefer skipping the walk altogether on such days! As a loving pet parent, though, you know that foregoing a walk really isn't an option, so we thought we'd share a few expert tips on dog walking in undesirable weather.

Encourage, but never force your dog to walk in uncomfortable weather.

by Sarar Q.

Be Consistent

Shortening the length of your walk may be okay when it's storming outside or if temperatures have soared beyond what you and your fur baby can physically endure. Do not, however, forego your walk altogether. It's important that your dog remains on a consistent daily walking schedule in order to help him remain in good physical health, as well as to help avoid accidents and behavioral issues.

Plan Your Dog Walking Route Carefully

While you should walk your dog at the same times each day, who says that your route can't be altered slightly? Heavily tree­lined streets can really make your dog walking duties a bit easier during extremely rainy or hot days. Whether shielding from a downpour or protecting from the hot sun, drive to an area where trees are in abundance if you have to and proceed to walk your dog as you normally would.

Select the Right Gear

Protect your pooch from extremely cold and/or wet conditions by purchasing a doggy raincoat and boots (if your little fashionista will wear them). You may also want to carry an extra drying towel while walking your dog in the rain or snow. The idea here is not only to keep your dog's fur as dry as possible, but to also help him retain body heat and avoid things like dry, cracked paws.

Stay Informed

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Tuesday, 28 March 2023