Russian Tortoise Care and Husbandry - learn where they come from in the wild and why it's the foundation of a healthy tortoise - learn proven tortoise husbandry techniques.

Do You Want To Learn The Right Russian Tortoise Diet and Indoor/Outdoor Pen Requirements Proven to Have a Russian Tortoise Healthy and Active for Years into the Future?

But not sure if you're feeding your Russian Tortoise the right foods or have the correct pen right now?

Wondering, because you saw it talked about on-line if they really need to be hibernated?

If you understand feeding any animal the right foods dramatically increases its health and its interactivity with you. 

In our course, you will learn how to get started as a pet-sitter on the most popular pet-sitting platform in the U.S. I'll walk you through each step and give you tons of advice on how to succeed based on my real experience.

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