When we first become animal physiotherapists or animal rehabilitation practitioners, the focus is on dogs and horses as they are the most explored and most popular domesticated species.

This course is accredited by IRVAP (Institute of Registered Veterinary and Animal Physiotherapists)

Donna Wills has had extensive experience working with many other species and has lectured on these subjects for many years.

Following this course, you will feel more confident treating cats and rabbits as they are the next most common species owned and treated.

Donna will guide you through comparing and contrasting a variety of species so you can learn to think about how to approach any species.

There is a reference to various species including Cows, Elephants, Skunks, Alpaca and Birds, to name a few.

You will feel able to recognize the importance of understanding how diet, behavior and anatomy must all be understood to make the most effective rehabilitation plan.

This is just the start of your journey to getting to grips with treating other species and will help your confidence grow. This course is not an exhaustive list of information. On treating more exotic animals further research and updating must be done for your own safety. Ensure you keep your safety in mind at all times. This course takes no responsibility for your safety in treating other species and we would always encourage gaining more practical experience with qualified professionals, to further enhance what you learn here.

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