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Whether you call it an igloo, a dome, a bubble or a pod, dining has taken an unexpected sci-fi turn this year. Due to rules and regulations in most states, it’s always been difficult to find a restaurant that welcomes dogs inside. 

Grab a bite to eat and a winter treat at Detroit Fleat inside one of six cozy, heated igloos

Jessica Alba

However, with varying comfort levels and fewer establishments offering dine-in this year, restaurateurs are having to think outside the box, and inside the dome. Dine in (sort of) with your pooch by your side at these totally 2020 eateries.

This 45 minute webinar will be held on Thursday 9th at 4pm (UK time). You will learn:

  • How to prepare your students for school closures
  • Our favourite digital tools for an online maths classroom
  • How to use Mathspace to amplify your digital classroom
  • Strategies to keep students engaged and create a class community

About the speaker:

This session will be run by Jillian Green. Jillian Green has taught high school maths in California via an entirely virtual classroom. She has also taught Cryptography in Asia, the Middle East, and online. She is currently working in the curriculum team at Mathspace