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According to Cesar Millan, licking behaviors stem from ingrained personality traits bred through canines as a means of communication, bonding, grooming, or even psychological problems.

Dogs have been proven to carry various bacteria in their mouths that can be beneficial or non-effective to their overall health.

Mother dogs show affection to their puppies in a variety of ways to create biological bonds and they use licking as one tool from the moment of birth. The mother dog will “wake” their puppies from their post-partum state through licks, use this method to groom puppies and even teach bathroom functions.

Why Not to Kiss?

Dr. Neilanjan Nandi, has stated that a dog’s mouth is host to “an enormous oral microbiome of bacteria, viruses and yeast.” The term “zoonotic” is frequently used to describe the bacteria that reside in your dog’s mouth that is able to be passed on to humans and cause disease.

The Dangers of Dog Kisses

  • Capnocytophaga Canimorsus: An organism carried in the mouths of dogs, and it causes a very bad sepsis infection.
  • Staphylococcus Aureu (Staph Infection): The majority of time your dog can safely carry this virus strain without it affecting their overall health, but when transferred to a human it can have life-threatening consequences.
  • Ringworm or Hookworm: Can cause either painful itchy infections or inflammation, or even intestinal bleeding depending on the point of entry.
  • E.Coli: A potentially fatal bacterial disease with symptoms ranging from diarrhea to nausea to intestinal bleeding.
  • Salmonella: A painful bacterial disease that can cause diarrhea, intestinal cramping, nausea and vomiting.
  • Origin
    Middle East
  • Height
    16 inches
  • Temperament
    Friendly, sometimes agressive
  • Colors
    Light brown, White, Black
  • Weight
    27 pounds
  • Life Expectancy
    10-12 years
  • Name
  • Pet Breed
    Persian cat
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