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Pet Boarding

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When we think of staying at a nice hotel, it conjures up thoughts of a luxurious room with amenities, personal services and perhaps even delicious meals.

Doggie hotels, pet boarding and even kennel facilities know this and often connote these emotions in their marketing – and many plays right into it.

What to Expect at a Dog Boarding Facility

We have come to believe that private rooms for our dogs complete with TV’s at a pet hotel, or open running spaces with pools at a pet boarding facility, or companionship with other dogs at a kennel will be a true paradise for them – ensuring Fido will be happy and blissful while we’re away from them.

Some Dogs Experience Increased Stress

Some dogs thrive in these environments, however many do not.

Since you feed and walk your dog, you are your dog’s pack leader. When your dog is left at a boarding facility they may feel displaced, confused and lonely. Many dogs experience stress when their normal routine is changed. Now consider the added stress when you change their environment and take away their trusted pack leader.

Hidden Costs of Pet Boarding

In many facilities, the lack of exercise, the number of unfamiliar smells, and limited human contact can cause emotional stress. In addition to this stress, your dog can also be physically affected. With so many dogs packed into one environment, ticks, fleas, as well as airborne diseases such as kennel cough and the rare canine influenza strain can afflict your pooch. These illnesses can lead to increased vet expenses.

  • Origin
    South Africa, Middle East
  • Height
    25 - 30 cm
  • Colors
    Brown, grey, and orange
  • Weight
    15 - 25 kg
  • Life Expectancy
    12 - 15 years
  • Pet Breed
    Felis catus
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