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This course, offers the basic food safety concepts for anyone who works in a setting where food is cooked, prepared or handled.

It contains the legal requirement in food safety. This course gives an awareness of the hazards and how to manage them.

Food Safety and Hygiene in the Catering industry, teach learners to work safely based on the law, you will learn how to minimize contamination and ensure the food you will handle is safe for consumers to eat.

It will show you the HACCP system which provides those who work with food with an overview of what is involved in a HACCP and based on my experience, an easy method to reach a food safety management system.

This course teaches how to adopt food hygiene practices and work safely in an environment that can prevent cross-contamination. Keeping in mind the basic systems as FIFO and effective storage. This knowledge enables everybody to help their business and own career adhere to food safety law and ensure that food sold to consumers is safe to eat.

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