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Green Petfood InsectDog Sensitive

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Green Petfood InsectDog Sensitive is made with a digestible recipe that is ideal as a complete food for dogs with sensitive digestive tracts. It uses insects as the sole source of animal protein, combined with rice as a digestible, well-accepted carbohydrate.
The processed insects in Green Petfood InsectDog Sensitive offer your dog valuable protein, as well as high-quality fatty acids. This premium dog food contains a balanced recipe rich in a combination of valuable nutrients. Vitamins E and C, inulin and yeast all support skin, coat, gut flora and the immune system.
Green Petfood InsectDog Sensitive is not only suitable for nutritionally sensitive pets, but for all adult dogs.

Green Petfood InsectDog Sensitive at a glance:

  • Digestible dry food for adult dogs
  • Light diet: easy to digest, ideal for dogs with sensitive digestive systems
  • 100% insects: the sole source of animal proteins, to reduce the risk of intolerance and from sustainable CO2-reduced rearing
  • Sustainable alternative to meat
  • With rice: digestible carbohydrate
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